There has been a lot of talk about some legacy servers lately. While this may be news to some. There has been a lot of talk and hype legacy servers lately.

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Guru Kal is: Online

Server Time:

Castle Owner: GuruTeam


Server Rules

1. Prohibited Transactions:

Selling characters for real money, and trading accounts or items between servers, is not allowed.

2. Kill Stealing (KS):

Kill stealing is not allowed.

3. Respect Game Masters:

  • Insulting game masters is prohibited; they are here to help you.

4. No Hacks:

  • Using hacks will result in a permanent block.

5. Party Integrity:

  • Destroying parties is not allowed.

6. Language Restriction:

  • Only English is allowed in shouts.

7. Scam Responsibility:

  • Admins do not assist with scams. Ensure your information is unique and not shared with other servers.

8. No Advertising:

  • Advertising other servers in any form is forbidden and will lead to a permanent block.

9. Bug Reporting:

  • Reporting bugs or balance issues in PvP/PvE in public is not allowed.
  • Use the support ticket system on Discord or contact admins in-game or discord private.

10. Security Awareness:

  • Admins or GMs will never ask for your ID and password. Be cautious.

11. Admin Verification:

  • Be wary of fake admin Discord accounts asking for donations.
  • Verify the position by clicking on the admin's Discord name in Guru Kalonline.

12. Donation:

  • Donations for virtual items are voluntary gifts. The server is free to play with a strict no-refund policy.
  • Opening a PayPal dispute will result in an instant permanent ban, regardless of the outcome. We provide full logs to PayPal.

By continuing to use, you agree to these terms.

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  • Systems
  • Events
Top Players

Top Players

1 Eryyy 80 99ProbleM
2 CarBoMarGEN 80 PVP
3 PredatoR 79 99ProbleM
4 Six 79 PVP
5 xKaliMira 79 99ProbleM
6 MoDa 79 99ProbleM
7 Fighters 79 UndeadHeroes
8 Hijacker 79 99ProbleM
9 Tost 79 PVP
10 Trader 79 99ProbleM


# NAME schedule TIME
1 System A Every Day 12:00:00
2 System B Saturday 18:00:00
3 System c Thursday 23:00:00
4 System E Thursday 21:30:00
5 System F Thursday 14:00:00
6 System G Thursday 10:00:00


# NAME schedule TIME
1 Event A Every Day 12:00:00
2 Event B Saturday 18:00:00
3 Event c Thursday 23:00:00
4 Event E Thursday 21:30:00
5 Event F Thursday 14:00:00
6 Event G Thursday 10:00:00
Currently this is only one server.